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Anthropometry Equipment & Instruments
Review of anthropometry equipment, including anthropometers, segmometers, anthropometry kits, and anthropometric tape measure. Sometimes the terminology can be confusing.  We've done our best to clarify terminology, uses and images in this article.

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Compare Large Bone Calipers Anthropometers
A large bone anthropometer is a tool for measuring chest depth and shoulder width. In this article you can compare betwen different brands of large bone anthropometers. Buy large bone anthropometer

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Segmometer for Knee Height Measurement, Ulna / Forearm Length, Demi Span
The segmometer is an anthropometric tool for measuring the lengths bones, including knee height.  The two main types of segmometers are rigid and flexible. 

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Buy Anthropometers and Anthropometry Kits
NutriActiva specializes in distribution of anthropometric equipment and instruments. Buy large bone anthropometers, small bone anthropometers. We sell the best valued and quality anthropometry kits on the market.

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Anthropometric Tape Measure
An anthropometric tape measure is a tape measure intended for body measurement.   It typically has some or all of the following characteristics: Blank space before the zero, Thin, flexible steel blade, About 2m in length

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